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Cape May diamonds

Cape May Diamonds are quartz crystals, resembling translucent pebbles, found on the beaches of Cape May Point, New Jersey. They are usually discovered by carefully sorting through washed-up beach detritus.

Historically, the southeast portion of New Jersey contained many glass manufacturers, and Cape May Diamonds are often attributed incorrectly to glass remnants, discarded by these sources, which were then washed down the Delaware River until they were tumbled in a smooth condition on local beaches.

Cape May Diamonds are actually pieces of quartz crystal, originating in the upper Delaware River, where they began their journey to the sea on rapid river currents, tumbling and smoothing as they went.

Depending on time of year and current conditions, Cape May Diamonds can be found in sizes up to and larger than a marble. However, most are small as baby’s teeth.

Cape May Diamonds may be polished to bring out their crystal brilliance, but most are simply collected as souvenirs.

Historical Relevance

The Native American tribe called the Kechemeche resided in what is now the southern portion of Cape May County, New Jersey. Various sources attribute the Kechemeche with being the first to find Cape May Diamonds and then using them as gifts or for trading with other tribes and with the newly-arriving European colonists.

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