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Carbenium ion

A carbenium ion is a carbocation of the trivalent and classical type R3C+. A carbonium ion is a carbocation of the penta- or tetracoordinated nonclassical type such as an ion of the type R5C+. Carbonium ions appear as nonclassical carbocations such as the norbornyl cation These definitions have been proposed by the chemist George Andrew Olah in 1972 [1] and now widely accepted. In older literature a carbocation of the type R3C+ may still be referred to as a carbonium ion.


  • ^  Stable carbocations. CXVIII. General concept and structure of carbocations based on differentiation of trivalent (classical) carbenium ions from three-center bound penta- of tetracoordinated (nonclassical) carbonium ions. Role of carbocations in electrophilic reactions George Andrew Olah; J. Am. Chem. Soc.; 1972; 94(3); 808-820. Abstract
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