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Carnelian, sometimes spelled cornelian, is a red or reddish-brown variant of chalcedony. The word is derived from the Latin word meaning horn, in reference to the flesh color sometimes exhibited. It was used widely during Roman times 2,000 years before the present era to make signet or seal rings for imprinting a seal with wax on correspondence or other important documents. Hot wax does not stick to Carnelian.    

Carnelian also describes a particular shade of the color red, which is the official shade both of Campbell's Soup and of Cornell University.

Carnelian is the name of a red wine grape variety.

Carnelian is the main character of The Stone Dance of the Chameleon trilogy.

Carnelian is the zodiac birthstone of Virgo according to some texts.

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  • See Section 12 of the translation of Weilue - a 3rd century Chinese text by John Hill under "carnelian" and note 12.12 (17)
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