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With a revenue of 20.5 billion euros (2005) and more than 35,000 employees, Celesio (FWB: CLS) is represented in 16 countries.

The long-established company was founded in Dresden in 1835 by Franz Ludwig Gehe. Today, the head office is situated in Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt, between the Wilhelma zoo and botanical gardens and the mineral baths. The group is operating in sixteen countries. With over 35,000 employees, the company’s activities are divided into the divisions Celesio Wholesale, Celesio Pharmacies and Celesio Solutions and play a leading role in the growth market healthcare.

In the pharmaceutical wholesaling sector, Celesio has a market presence in 13 countries. Its comprehensive range of logistics, solutions and advice services for pharmacists on matters of health, medicines and wellness lie at the very heart of the company’s activities. An extensive distribution network of round about 140 branches ensures fast, punctual and reliable deliveries to pharmacies several times each day.

In its pharmacy business, Celesio operates over 2,000 pharmacies in seven countries. The pharmacies are not just a place to dispense medicines, they also offer a comprehensive advice service for medicine-related questions and are the first port of call for all matters concerning health. The pharmacist and his professionalism as a healthcare professional are central to Celesio’s role as a retailer.

With its Celesio Solutions division, the group offers a broad range of services for a variety of customer groups in the pharmaceutical market throughout Europe. This includes, for example, logistics and distribution services for pharmaceutical manufacturers including transportation, storage and warehouse management as well as accepting and processing orders.


In 2003, the company celebrated its centenary as a public limited company. The company was founded in 1835 by Franz Ludwig Gehe and opened to the capital market on 1 January 1903 as the result of conversion into a public limited company. In January 1904, the shares were approved for trading on the former stock exchange in Dresden.

Capital increases carried out in 1910 and 1912 laid the financial foundation for the country-wide sale of "drugs and paints, pharmaceutical and chemical products" in proximity to customers.

The capital increase in the business year 2002 has once again given us the scope, in this centenary year and following years, to expand in attractive markets.

At the annual general meeting on 24 April 2003, the shareholders approved the change of name from GEHE AG to Celesio AG with an overwhelming majority of 99.98 %; therefore, in the 100th year as a public limited company, the first year of Celesio began.

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