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Cenex is a brand of a U.S. cooperative which since 2003 has been part of CHS, Inc., a Fortune 500 cooperative corporation.

Cenex gasoline and diesel produced at refineries in Laurel, Montana and McPherson, Kansas are available at many Cenex-branded and unbranded locations throughout the Midwestern and Northwest United States.

Cenex, originally known as the Farmer's Union Central Exchange, was founded in 1931, with offices in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It merged in 1998 with Harvest States Cooperatives to form Cenex Harvest States. The resulting company (still a cooperative) changed its legal name to CHS Incorporated in 2003, with Cenex becoming the company's energy brand.

Cenex reflects its agricultural roots as a significant distributor of biodiesel and ethanol-blended fuels. Cenex also produces a variety of lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and also kerosene for heating and aviation use.

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