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Chan King Ming

Chan King Ming (陳竟明) was the vice-chairman of the Democratic Party of Hong Kong from 2004 to 2006. He is associate professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Environmental Science Program of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In the academics

Chan earned his BSc and MPhil degrees from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and his PhD degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.

He teaches a few blocks of lectures in foundation course in the Medical School, and a few courses in the Department of Biochemistry and the Environmental Science Program in CUHK, including Current Environmental Issues, Biochemical Toxicology and Methods in Toxicological Research in the Environmental Science Program and a post-graduate course named Molecular Cell Biology with other colleagues in the Biochemistry Department. Trained as a molecular biologist for his PhD and post-doctoral research, Professor KM Chan's research interests include gene regulation, marine biotechnology and environmental biochemistry. Professor KM Chan is also Warden of Student Hostel 2 in Shaw College and he is active on campus, helping to serve in many different committees in the Shaw College and CUHK. He was exco-member of Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union, and is now member of Marine Biological Association in Hong Kong, Society of Toxicology (SOT) and Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)in the US.

In politics

Professor KM Chan is founding member of the Democratic Party. He was elected as Chairman of the New Terretories East Branch in 1999, and later became minister of organization affairs and central committee member of the party. He is a moderate "Young Turk" inside the party. He ran for the chairmanship election in 2004 but lost to Lee Wing Tat. He was then elected vice-chairman of the party.

He ran again for the chairmanship in December 2006, but lost to Albert Ho. He did not ran for the vice-chairmanship in the 2006 election.


He lost a mobile phone in a taxi (taxi fee: HK$17), while he was on the way from the Chinese University of Hong Kong to Tai Po for a Democratic Party meeting on 29th, April 2007. This news once became the headline of Yahoo! News Hong Kong on 30th April, 2007:

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