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Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute

The Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan policy research organization established in 1993 to address the challenges to global security and stability in the early twenty-first century, with a special, but not exclusive focus on the elimination of chemical weapons and biological weapons. It fosters this goal through an innovative program of research, analysis, technical support, training, and education. CBACI's objective is to promote a strategic approach to contemporary national security challenges that fosters the translation of ideas into action.

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The Institute emphasizes not only issues of immediate national concern but also problems that reflect the dynamics of a new global environment, take shape from the complex interaction of security, science, and technology, and present demanding decision making challenges to national and international leaders.

The Institute's research program is designed to alert leaders in government, industry, the media, and the scientific community to problems before they become crises, to challenge conventional wisdom in light of new realities, and to promote the integration of diverse perspectives into decision options that effectively balance competing interests. CBACI stresses, therefore, studies and analyses whose hallmarks are their anticipatory nature, action orientation, integrative approach, policy focus, and political realism.

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