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Chuan-Chiung Chang

Chang Chuan-Chiung (Traditional Chinese: 張傳炯) (born 23 Oct 1928) Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology at National Taiwan University. He is best known for having isolated bungarotoxin, a still-important agent in neurobiological research. Chang Chuan-Chiung was elected 1976, having earned his education from different Universities; Ph.D., University of Tokyo (1965), and B.S., National Taiwan University (1950).

His division was Life Sciences, specialising in that area, leading on to isolating bungarotoxin, his most famous research. He had much professional experience, including being an Assistant , Lecturer , Associate Professor, Professor, Director of Medical College of National Taiwan University Research Fellow, Institute of Pharmacology, NIH, with specialities in pharmacology. He had few awards, but his main was Academician, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, R.O.C.(1976). His current positions include: Professor Emeritus, Institute of Pharmacology, Medical college of National Taiwan University. Contact Information is as follows: Address 1 Sec. 1, Jenai Road, Taipei Institute of Pharmacology, Medical college of National Taiwan University Tel (02)2312-3456#8312 [[1]]

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