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Citrus Red 2

  Citrus Red 2, Citrus Red No. 2, C.I. Solvent Red 80, or C.I. 12156 is an artificial dye. As a food dye, it is permitted by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 1956 only for use on skin on some Florida oranges. While the dye is a carcinogen, it does not penetrate the orange peel into the pulp[citation needed]. Its chemical formula is C18H16N2O3. It is an orange to yellow solid or a dark red powder with melting point is 156 °C.

Citrus Red 2 is not water soluble, but readily soluble in many organic solvents.

Its CAS number is [6358-53-8] and its SMILES structure is COc1ccc(OC)c(c1)/N=N/c2c(O)ccc3ccccc23.

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