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Clark's Super Gas

Clark's Super Gas was a 20th Century oil company headquarted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Founded by Emory T. Clark in 1932 as a single filling station on the corner of 60th and Greenfield Streets in Milwaukee, Clark Super Gas was known for premium gasoline. Clark stations sold premium gas exclusively and did not offer some of the other services (such as mechanical maintenance and tire changing) common to other service stations.

In 1943, the company moved into refining oil. By the mid-1950s, the company operated close to 500 gas stations throughout the Midwest with locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri.

from 1948-1950, Clark Super Gas sponsored a minor league ice hockey team in the International Hockey League named the Milwaukee Clarks.

At its height in the 1970s, it was the largest independent oil refiner and marketer in the Midwest with 1,489 stations, and two refineries. The average amount of gallons sold per Clark station was twice the national average, and its emphasis on premium gasoline gave it a high profit margin.

Emory Clark sold his interest in the company in 1981. In 1999, the company sold off its retail unit and rebranded itself as Premcor. Clark Oil gas stations are still operating in Milwaukee. In 2001, majority of Clark stations in Southeast Michigan were closed permanently.

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