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For the Italian commune, see Conco.

Conco Concrete Company is an American company based in Springfield, Missouri.

It was founded in the years after World War II, as the ready mix concrete industry was coming into the mainstream. Founded by Ralph Reed and his stepson, Tom Baird in 1947, They both did research to see what city would be suitable for a growing industrial company. In 1958, Conco bought out the rivial Garrett Construction Company. Thus becoming the main ready mix concrete producer in the Springfield Metro area. Garrett's company also owned some major quarries in the area. This became Conco Quarries. This is a subsidiary of the Conco Company. Conco Quarries brings in most of the raw material needed for production of concrete. The company grew and built new plants to meet the needs of the growing city of Springfield and its surrounding areas.

The company is still producing ready-mix concrete

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