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Crompton Corporation

Crompton Corporation, formerly Crompton and Knowles, is a chemical research, production, sales and distribution company headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut. The company produces specialty chemicals used for polymers, fire suppressants and retardants, pool and spa water purification systems and various other applications. Since 2005, Crompton has been part of Chemtura Corporation.


Crompton Corporation traces its origins to 1837 when founder William Crompton invented a loom for weaving patterns in cotton, an innovation that led in the 1840s to the founding of Crompton Loom Works in Worcester, Massachusetts. The company merged in 1879 with rival Knowles Brothers to form the Crompton and Knowles Loom Works.

In 2005, Crompton merged with Great Lakes Chemical Corporation of West Lafayette, Indiana to form Chemtura Corporation, now headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut.

Crompton's ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange was CK.

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