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D. M. Turner

D.M. Turner (5 October 1962 - 31 December 1996) was a psychedelic explorer, self-described as a 'psychonaut' and author who wrote two books on psychoactives. His more prominent book, The Essential Psychedelic Guide was the first of its kind and is considered a seminal reference on the subjective effects of various psychoactive and hallucinogenic mind-altering substances. Though not considered a 'serious' scientist, his work and minor fame did much to bring exposure to then more obscure psychedelics into the mainstream. Turner's 'research' delved heavily into combinations of various psychedelics and their synergistic, and occasionally horrific effects.

His other book, Salvinorin addressed a singular substance, and while it cannot be considered an academically serious work, it remains one of few general texts on Salvia divinorum to date.

Turner died on New Year's Eve 1996 after injecting an unknown quantity of Ketamine while in a bathtub. It is believed that he drowned while incapacitated by the effects of the drug.


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