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Daniel Klute

Dr. Daniel O. Klute (1921-1964) was an American rocket scientist and chemical engineer.

He was in charge of the combustion research at Rocketdyne Corporation during the development of the Saturn F-1 rocket engine. Testing of the engine had revealed a serious instability problem during combustion that would sometimes cause catastrophic failure. In October, 1962, Dr. Klute presided over the Combustion Stability Committee at the Liquid Propulsion Division at Rocketdyne. His contributions were instrumental in solving the combustion instability problem.

In 1970 the International Astronomical Union named Klute crater on the Moon after him.

Dr. Klute's experience at Rocketdyne included analyses and analytical design studies for nearly all Rocetdyne engines, both liquid and solid. He was responsible for structural analysis and integrity of many Rocketdyne engines and there components. His analyses of control systems resulted in the advancement in the design of Rocketdyne products. In the last four years of his life, he had been associated with the combustion devices and combustion processes of the liquid rocket engines. He was especially influential in the design and development of the J-2 and F-1 combustion components. From October of 1962, until his death, he had been responsible for the direction of the F-1 stability program. In this capacity he gained national recognition and prominence as one of the nation's outstanding scientists. During this assignment he worked closely with Government specialists, University professors, and consultants regarding the basic fundamentals of combustion stability. He was recognised by NASA as an individual who made outstanding contributions to this field.


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