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Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK
HeadquartersLondon, Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast, Warrington, Darlington, Walsall, Witham, Nottingham, Epsom, Taunton,
Key peopleH. G. Wells, founder

Diabetes UK is a British patient, healthcare professional and research charity dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes and to working towards a future without the chronic condition diabetes.

Founded in 1934 as The Diabetic Association (by H. G. Wells and Dr R. D. Lawrence), the organisation has since had two name changes - in 1954 to The British Diabetic Association and again in 2000 to Diabetes UK.

It also has a website that includes information about diabetes for healthcare professionals and people living with diabetes.

The membership of over 180K comprises people with diabetes, their carers and healthcare professionals.

Diabetes UK's first voluntary group was set up in 1939 - 350 are now spread out across the UK. There are also local offices across England and national offices in Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales. They run conferences for their volunteers and healthcare professionals in the field of diabetes.

Diabetes UK campaigns for improvements in the care and treatment of people with diabetes.

The charity has been running care holidays since the 1930s for children. Families and adult holidays have been introduced since. The holidays aim to provide support and advice in a fun surrounding.[1]

In 1993, a counselling line for patients, family and friends was launched, the Careline is contactable by a lo-call number, email and post.[2]


The charity also has an internal library and provides a science enquiry service. [2]

Diabetes UK funds UK based research into the causes and treatment of diabetes and its complications. The first research grant was made in 1936.[3]

Produces a range of information booklets and various magazines, including Balance (for patients) (formerly The Diabetic Journal, first published in 1935, changing its name to Balance in 1961[3] and Diabetes Update (for professionals). It also via Blackwell Publishing produces the academic journal, Diabetic Medicine. Previous issues were published by John Wiley and Sons (Volume 1, 1984 to Volume 17, mid 2000).


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