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Dictionary of chemical formulas/E


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
ErF erbium monofluoride 16087-67-5
ErF2 erbium difluoride 16087-65-3
ErF3 erbium trifluoride 13760-83-3
ErI3 erbium triiodide 13813-42-8
ErI4Na erbium sodium tetraiodide 129863-13-4
ErO erbium monoxide 12280-61-4
EuF europium monofluoride 17209-60-8
EuF3 europium trifluoride 13765-25-8
EuI2 europium diiodide 22015-35-6
EuNbO2 europium niobium dioxide 107069-78-3
EuNb2O6 europium diniobium hexaoxide 55216-32-5
EuO europium monoxide 12020-60-9
EuO2V monoeuropium monovandium dioxide 88762-30-5
EuO3Ti europium titanium trioxide 12020-61-0
EuO3V europium metavanadate 39432-21-8
EuO4W europium tungsten tetraoxide 13537-12-7
EuS europium monosulfide 12020-65-4
EuS2 europium disulfide 55957-42-1
Eu2O dieuropium monoxide 62462-47-9
Eu2O2 dieuropium dioxide 62462-48-0
Eu2S dieuropium monosulfide 62462-49-1
Eu2S2 dieuropium disulfide 62462-51-5
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