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Dictionary of chemical formulas/Merge/G


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
GaAs gallium arsenide 1303-00-0
GaI gallium monoiodide 15605-68-2
GaI3 gallium triiodide 13450-91-4
GaN gallium nitride 25617-97-4
GaO gallium monoxide 12024-08-7
GaSb gallium monoantimonide 12064-03-8
GaTe gallium monotelluride 12024-14-5
GaTe2 gallium ditelluride 12689-99-5
Ga2O digallium monoxide 12024-20-3
Ga2S digallium sulfide 12259-25-5
Ga2Se digalllium monoselenide 12160-72-4
Ga2Te digallium monotelluride 12401-03-5
Ga2Te2 digallium ditelluride 65762-28-9
GdI3 gadolinium triiodide 13572-98-0
GdO gadolinium monoxide 12024-77-0
GdO2 gadolinium dioxide 53789-25-6
GdS gadolinium monosulfide 12134-74-6
Gd2O digadolinium monoxide 62462-54-8
Gd2O2 digadolinium dioxide 62462-55-9
GeH germanium monohydride 13572-99-1
GeI2 germanium diiodide 13573-08-5
GeI4 germanium tetraiodide 13450-95-8
GeNSi germanium nitride silicide 53262-44-5
GeO germanium monoxide 20619-16-3
GeO2 germanium dioxide 1310-53-8
GeS germanium monosulfide 12025-32-0
GeSe germanium monoselenide 12065-10-0
GeSe2 germanium diselenide 12065-11-1
GeSi germanium monosilicide 12025-36-4
GeTe germanium monotelluride 12025-39-7
GeTe2 germanium ditelluride 12260-55-8
Ge2N digermanium mononitride 53262-45-6
Ge2N2O digermanium dinitride oxide 51199-85-0
Ge2O2 digermanium dioxide 26039-39-4
Ge2S2 digermanium disulfide 51682-04-3
Ge2Se2 digermanium diselenide 51682-05-4
Ge2Te2 digermanium ditelluride 51682-06-5
Ge3O3 trigermanium trioxide 26039-40-7
Ge3Si trigermanium monosilicide 61349-38-0
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