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Dictionary of chemical formulas/Merge/L


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
LaO lanthanum monoxide 12031-20-8
LaO4P lanthanum phosphate 14913-14-5
LaS lanthanum monosulfide 12031-30-0
LiN lithium nitride 32746-31-9
LiNO lithium oxynitride 36529-65-4
LiNaO lithium sodium oxide 60397-00-4
LiNa2 lithium disodium 56095-08-0
LiNa3 lithium trisodium 89482-81-5
LiNiO2 lithium nickel dioxide 12031-65-1
LiO lithium monoxide 12142-77-7
LiOSi lithium silicon monoxide 74803-91-1
Li2MoO4 lithium molybdate 13568-40-6
Li2Na dilithium sodium 56095-11-5
Li2O dilithium monoxide 12057-24-8
Li2O2 lithium peroxide 12031-80-0
Li2O3Si lithium silicate 10102-24-6
Li2O3Ti lithium titanium oxide 12031-82-2
Li2O4S lithium sulfate 10377-48-7
Li2O4W dilithium tetraoxotungstate 13568-45-1
Li2O5Si2 lithium silicate 13568-46-2
Li3N lithium nitride 26134-62-3
Li3O trilithium monoxide 69235-02-5
LuO lutetium monoxide 12032-02-9
Lu2O dilutetium monoxide 12339-78-5
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