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Dictionary of chemical formulas/Merge/P


Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
PS phosphorus monosulfide 12281-36-6
PSb antimony phosphide 25889-81-0
PSe phosphorus monoselenide 12509-41-0
PSi phosphorus monosilicide 12137-64-3
PSi2 disilicon monophosphide 37347-46-9
PTe phosphorus monotelluride 51890-39

]] || 11092-25-4

P2Si diphosphorus monosilicide 12137-68-7
P4S tetraphosphorous sulfide 13396-89-9
P4S2 tetraphosphorus disulfide 12165-70-7
P4S3 tetraphosphorus trisulfide 1314-85-8
P4S4 tetraphosphorous tetrasulfide 39350-99-7
P4S5 tetraphosphorus pentasulfide 12137-70-1
P4S6 tetraphosphorus hexasulfide 12165-71-8
P4S7 tetraphosphorus heptasulfide 12037-82-0
P4S8 tetraphosphorus octasulfide 37295-14-0
P4S9 tetraphosphorus nonasulfide 25070-46-6
P4S10 tetraphosphorus decasulfide 12066-62-5
P4O10  || tetraphosphorus decaoxide
P4Se3 tetraphosphorous triselenide 1314-86-9
PbS lead monosulfide 1314-87-0
PbSe lead monoselenide 12069-00-0
PbTe lead monotelluride 1314-91-6
Pb2S2 dilead disulfide 51682-73-6
PdSi palladium silicide 12137-77-8
PtSi platinum monosilicide 12137-83-6
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