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Didier de Chaffoy de Courcelles

  Didier R.G.G. de Chaffoy de Courcelles is a Belgian scientist and businessman. He is Senior Vice President, Drug Discovery Europe, of Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development (J&JPRD), a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica (Beerse, Belgium).



Didier de Chaffoy de Courcelles went to highschool at the Broeders van Liefde in Turnhout. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Leuven, Belgium). He obtained a Master of Science and a PhD of Science (D.Sc.), as well as an accreditation for teaching and research at academic institutions (G.U.O., venia legendi), from the University of Antwerp (Antwerp, Belgium).


He joined the Janssen Research Foundation in 1981, where he became Director of Biochemistry, Senior Director of Pharmacology, Vice President of Biological Research, and Senior Vice President of Discovery Research. In addition, he is a member of the J&JPRD Board (Raritan, New Jersey, USA), the Board of Directors of Janssen Pharmaceutica (Beerse, Belgium) and the Sir James Black Foundation (London, United Kingdom).

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