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Disperse Red 9

  Disperse Red 9, also called C.I. 60505 and 1-methylamino anthraquinone, is a red dye derived from anthraquinone. It has the appearance of a red powder with melting point of 170-172 °C.

Its CAS number is [82-38-2] and its SMILES structure is Cc1c(C(c2ccccc2C3=O) =O)c3c(NC)cc1. Its EINECS number is 201-417-2.

Disperse Red 9 is used in some older red and violet-red colored smoke formulations. It is used in the M18 colored smoke grenade and also often in dye packs. Its properties can be improved by coating the dye particles with an inert material, eg. an epoxy resin. [1]

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