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Dissolution or dissolve may refer to:

  • dissolution (law), in law, means to end a legal entity or agreement such as a marriage (see divorce), adoption, or corporation
  • dissolution, or solvation, in chemistry, the process of dissolving a solid substance into a solvent to yield a solution.
  • dissolution of parliament, in politics, the dismissal of a legislature so that fresh elections can be held, sometimes ahead of schedule
  • Dissolution of the Monasteries, in British history, the formal process during the English Reformation by which Henry VIII confiscated the property of the monastic institutions in England, Wales and Ireland between 1538 and 1541
  • Dissolution (novel), a 2002 fantasy novel by Richard Lee Byers
  • Dissolution (C. J. Sansom novel), 2003 novel
  • dissolve (film), in film and video editing, a transition between scenes
  • decadence, moral degeneracy

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