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Diuranate U2O72- is a common anion of uranium. The uranates tend to agglomerate to form this complex ion. All simple diuranates are yellow colored in the pure form.

Important diuranates include ammonium diuranate ((NH4)2UO4), sodium diuranate (Na2UO4) and magnesium diuranate (Mg2UO4), which together form part of some yellowcakes. These mixtures were sometimes referred to as uranium diuranate, but this term has fallen out of use. Others include potassium diuranate (K2UO4) the colouring agent used to produce the hue Webb’s Ivory in cased glassware, also called 'orange uranium' for the colors it yieded in oxidation, and barium diuranate (BaUO4) used for making porcelain paints. Various other alkaline earth diuranates have been described, but as of yet have found commercial use; they are however of some interest in mineralogy.

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