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Drew (webcomic artist)

  Drew(b. 1979) is an American author and artist residing in Columbus, Ohio in the United States. He is notable for being the creator of the webcomic Toothpaste for Dinner, and the co-creator of the webcomic Married to the Sea alongside wife and fellow artist Natalie Dee. [1]

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Online work

From 1997 to 1999, Drew maintained a website with approximately 20 illustrated stories entitled "The Illustrated Drew". The style of these illustrations were similar to those in Toothpaste for Dinner, except somewhat more crudely drawn and less refined. The stories themselves were similar to his writings at "Drew" and .net Magazine, but seemed to be entirely true. Highlights include his adventures at "ghetto Kroger's". These stories were published for a short time as a local magazine, though they did not receive much exposure in print or online. Drew has not mentioned this site except in passing, and his thoughts on it are unknown. It has been noted that no archives or links to this content exist on his newer sites.

The "Drew" website was then launched and maintained from 2000 to 2002. It contained semi-true stories with no illustrations, and marked the beginning of an increase in popularity. In 2001, .net Magazine picked up Drew's writing, running an exclusive weekly column consisting of 700 to 800 words and small Toothpaste-for-Dinner-style illustrations.

From 2001 until the present, Drew has worked continually on his Toothpaste For Dinner webcomic, which was described by Slate Magazine as "the most addictive comic on the web". This is Drew's first project which can legitimately be described as "popular", with a following of approximately 450,000 unique visitors per month. Its quirky, somewhat poorly-drawn illustrations are reminiscent of "The Illustrated Drew". [2]

In 2006, Drew began his work with Married to the Sea, a collaborative webcomic with his wife Natalie Dee. This webcomic utilizes carefully edited Victorian era lithographs next to captions. In an interview with the website "How Stuff Works", Drew stated that he draws 3.5 comics for Married to the Sea per week, and Natalie Dee draws the rest. [3]

In Spring 2007, Drew also began regularly uploading short videos of himself, often alongside Natalie Dee, to YouTube.

Other ventures

Drew was previously a research chemist and held several patents before transitioning to full-time work with his webcomic. [4] In September 2006, Drew revealed himself to be the entity behind the electronic musician KOMPRESSOR, which was previously only known by the alias "Andreas K.". [5][6]


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