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Drugwipe test

  The Drugwipe test is a procedure which can be used to test if a person has consumed illegal drugs. The test is easy and can be used at border crossings, at traffic stops and in prisons.


The test is accomplished by with applying water dampened test strips over the forehead of the suspect person and then removed. If the strip turns red, then the drug test is positive, i.e. drugs were consumed. Depending on which place on the strip the red coloration appears, the kind of the consumed substance can also be determined.

How it works

On the strip are antibodies, which fit components of the different drugs. If these components are in the sweat of the test person, then the color reaction described above takes place.


The reliability of the test is with approximately 95 per cent, which therefore a blood test must still bring final proof for the drug consumption in the laboratory.

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