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Dry powder inhaler

The Dry Powder Inhaler is generally a proprietary device to deliver medications for the treatment or maintenance management of respiratory diseases and conditions. These conditions or diseases may include Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema, COPD and Diabetes. They are often referred to as DPI or DPIs in the medical community.

DPIs are an alternative to the aerosol based inhalers commonly called Metered-dose inhaler (or MDIs). The DPIs may require some procedure to allow a measured dose of powder ready for the patient to take. The medication is commonly held either in a capsule for manual loading or a proprietary form from inside the inhaler. Once loaded or actuated, the operator puts the mouthpiece of the inhaler into his mouth and takes a deep inhalation, holding their breath for 5-10 seconds. There are a variety of such devices which some patients find easier to use, but others complain that powder devices provokes them to cough.

Another DPI device, Exubera, is now being used for the management of Diabetes.



Some powder inhalers use lactose as bulking agent and can be harmful to lactose intolerant people [1].


DPI medication must be stored in a dry place or sealed packaging.



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