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Dylon International Ltd is a British manufacturer of textile dyes and other household chemicals. It is a subsidiary of Mayborn Group Ltd. It is based in Sydenham, South London and was founded in 1946. [1] Mayborn Group PLC used to be listed on the AIM market but was purchased by 3i in July 2006 and delisted.

Dye brands include Cold Water Dye, Machine Fabric Dye and Multipurpose Dye.

Cold Water Dye

This a range of textile dyes which are used at low temperatures. They are reactive azo dyes and dichlorotriazine is the main group present. They require cold fix (sodium carbonate) and common salt (sodium chloride). It comes in 26 colours. [2]

Machine Fabric Dye

Dylon's machine fabric dye and hand dye both contain reactive azo dyes, triphenylmethane dyes, sodium carbonate and sodium chloride. The reactive groups are either pyrimidine or vinylsulphone. Machine Fabric Dye comes in 32 colours, Hand Dye in 21 colours. [3]

Multipurpose Dye

This range contains a mixture of 3 different dyes - direct, acid and disperse. Direct dyes are for cellulose based fabrics, acid dyes for wool and nylon and disperse for some plastics. None of these are reactive dyes and are less wash fast than the other ranges. It comes in 26 colours. [4]

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