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eMovie is a plug-in for PyMOL that makes the creation of molecular movies both easy and intuitive via a breakthrough storyboard interface, similar in nature to what is used in the creation of traditional movies. The eMovie homepage is accessible at


Program Features

eMovie is arguably the most user-friendly way for users to create movies in PyMOL (even inexperienced users). Users interact with a user-friendly eMovie GUI that does not require typing commands into PyMOL.

Modular actions such as zooms, rotations, fadings, and morphs (morphs require incentive PyMOL) can be inserted to any frame in the movie and the actions comprising the movie can be reviewed in list-format by viewing the eMovie storyboard. The storyboard also allows for deletion and reinsertion of actions.

Movies can be saved, loaded, and exported as a series of image files to be later merged into a traditional movie format such as .mov using an external program like GraphicConverter.


eMovie in use

eMovie menu bar


eMovie is freely available for download at the eMovie homepage.


eMovie was created at the Israel Structural Proteomics Center (ISPC) at the Weizmann Institute of Science.


Hodis, E., Schreiber, G., Rother, K., Sussman, J.L., eMovie: a storyboard-based tool for making molecular movies, Trends in Biochemical Sciences 32, 199-204 (2007).

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