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HeadquartersMalle, Belgium
Key peopleJørgen Philip-Sørensen
IndustryConsumer Products
Slogan"Power of nature"

Ecover is a Belgian company manufacturing domestic ecological cleaning products. It is solely owned by Jørgen Philip-Sørensen CBE. Ecover claims to have the world’s first "ecological factory," opened in 1992 [1]. The factory is made from recycled and recyclable materials. The factory recycles waste water which is returned for use in the factory using a windmill pump. The grass-covered roof has insulating properties which saves energy and supports a wildlife garden. The roof was included by the architects as a functional piece of the designs. The factory also included grass banks and reed beds around the factory to help it merge into the countryside.

Ecover are sponsoring yachtsman Mike Golding in his attempt to win the Vendee Globe 2008/09.


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