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Emil Cohen

Emil Cohen (1842-1905) was a German mineralogist, born in Jutland. He studied in the universities of Berlin and Heidelberg and from 1867 to 1872 was assistant in mineralogy in the latter university. He then spent a year and a half in South Africa and, after devoting the following years to mineralogical studies and to the preparation of works descriptive of his African explorations, became professor of petrography in Strassburg in 1878. In 1885 he was made professor of mineralogy in Greifswald. His published works include the following:

  • Geognotisch-petrographische Skizzen aus Südafrika (1874)
  • Erläuternde Bemerkungen zu der Routenkarte einer Reise Lydenburg• nach den Goldfeldern und von Lydenburg nach der Delagoabai im östlichen Südafrika ( 1875)
  • Sammlung von Mikrophotographischen zur Veranschaulichung der mikroskopischen Struktur von Mineralien und Gesteinen (1881-83; third edition, 1899)
  • Meteoritekunde (second edition, 1903)

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