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Eno (drug)

  Eno is the most global of GSK's gastrointestinal products. The fast-acting effervescent fruit salts, used as an antacid and reliever of bloatedness, was invented in the 1850s by James Crossley Eno. It has sales of nearly £30 million, with its major markets being Spain, India, Brazil, South Africa and Thailand. It's frequently used as baking powder.


Eno's Fruit Salt is referenced in The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter in the famous interrogation scene between Stanley, Webber, and McCann.

In The Riddle of the Sands (1903), a novel by Erskine Childers, Davies says: "After that I taught myself to make rolls; had no baking powder at first, so used Eno's fruit salt, but they wouldn't rise much with that".

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