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European Climate Exchange

The European Climate Exchange (ECX) manages the product development and marketing for ECX Carbon Financial Instruments (ECX CFIs), listed and admitted to trading on the ICE Futures electronic platform. It is no longer a subsidiary of the Chicago Climate Exchange but rather a sister company. Both companies are owned by Climate Exchange Plc a holding company listed on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market.

ECX / ICE Futures is the most liquid, pan-European platform for carbon emissions trading, with its futures contract based on the underlying EU Allowances (EUAs) attracting over 80% of the exchange-traded volume in the European market. ECX contracts are standardised exchange-traded products and all trades are cleared by LCH.Clearnet.

More than 80 leading businesses, including global companies such as Barclays, BP, Calyon, E.ON UK, Endesa, Fortis, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Shell have signed up for membership to trade ECX products. In addition, several hundred clients can access the market daily via banks and brokers.

ECX is a member of the Climate Exchange Plc group of companies. Other member companies include the Chicago Climate Exchange (“CCX”). Climate Exchange Plc is listed on AIM on the London Stock Exchange.

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