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European Federation of Chemical Engineering

The European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE). Also known as: Federation Europeene du Genie Chimique and Europäische Föderation für Chemie-Ingenieur-Wesen. An association of professional societies in Europe concerned with chemical engineering. Formed in 1953 with 18 societies in 8 countries, it now has 39 member societies in 28 countries. (Some countries have more than one member).[list of member societies]

It has a set of Working Parties on different subjects who meet to facilitate international cooperation and progress in their specialist areas. [list of working parties]

The Working Party on Education[[1]] has published documents on the Bologna process.

News of the EFCE is published in Chemical Engineering Research and Design. Official meetings are usually held in association with the two series of European congresses known as ECCE and CHISA.

[EFCE website]

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