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European Spallation Source

European Spallation Source is the name of a research facility for scientific research with the help of neutrons that is planned to be built in Europe. The site-selection process is ongoing and parallel with the process of establish a financial and organizational base for the project. As possible locations are named Burn, North Yorkshire, UK; Hungary; Basque Country (Bilbao), Spain or Lund, Sweden.

The laboratory in itself is built around a linear accelerator in which protons are accelerated and smashed into a target of preferably mercury. By this process, intensive pulses of neutrons are emitted and lead through beamlines to experimental stations, where research on materials is done as part of the scientific front end in energy, telecommunications, manufacturing, transportation, information technology, biotechnology, and health.

Similar facilities are already under construction in the United States (Spallation Neutron Source, Oak Ridge, Tennessee) and Japan (J-parc, Tokaimura).

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  • ESS-Yorkshire
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