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Excelsior Diamond


The Excelsior Diamond was found on June 30, 1893 at the Jagersfontein Mine by a worker while loading a truck. The man was able to hide the diamond from the supervisors but delivered it to the manager of the mine himself. Until 1905, when the larger Cullinan diamond was found, the Excelsior was the largest known diamond in the world. It had a blue-white tint and weighed 971-3/4 carats (194.2 g). It was ultimately cut into ten stones weighing from 13 to 68 carats. (2.6 to 13.6 g). Immediately after its discovery the news spread around the world.


  • Excelsior diamond discussion in "Great Diamonds of the Earth" by Edwin Streeter.
  • W.R. Catelle's "The Diamond" for further reading on the Excelsior Diamond
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