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Filter may refer to:


Chemistry, engineering and materials

Optics and photography

Signal processing

  • In signal processing applications such as telecommunications and music, an electronic or mechanical device, or mathematical algorithm, to modify the harmonic content of signals. See
    • electronic filter
    • audio filter
    • line filter
    • See filtering problem (stochastic processes) for the mathematical formalism.


  • In computing:
    • filter (higher-order function)
    • A program to process a data stream:
      • filter (software)
      • filter (Unix)
      • mail filter
      • Internet filter
      • wordfilter
      • DirectShow
    • BPF filter expression used in the qualification of network data


  • In mathematics, a certain kind of subset of a partially ordered set. See
    • filter (mathematics).
  • In psychology, a type of learning blockage. See
    • affective filter.
  • In transportation, filtering, a.k.a. lane splitting

Proper name

  • Filter (band), an industrial rock band
  • Filter (television), a show on the G4 channel:
  • Filter (magazine), an off-beat indie music magazine
  • Helicon Filter, a raster graphics editor

See also

  • Filter coffee, a method for preparing coffee
  • Filter feeder, an animal that strains food particles from water
  • Philter, a magical potion
  • Filtration
  • Conversion
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