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FireAde is the brand name for a liquid fire fighting agent. It was developed to attack all sides of the fire tetrahedron.

Abilities over Class A Foams

Additional recommended knowledge


The FireAde solution renders fuels non-flammable (skin fires and fuels in depth) unlike regular foams that only cover the surface. This prevents the danger of the regular AFFF foam blanket degrading and exposing the fuel vapors to heated metal or flames on a crash site or fuel spill.

Wetting Agent

FireAde enables water to be six times more effective at suppressing fires. It covers more area, penetrates deeper into burning materials and knocks down fires much faster than AFFF foams or water alone. This is especially importnat in "seated" fires, such as hay bail fires, where water or class A foams are not able to 'soak' in to the inner smoldering areas.

Foaming Agent

Although not specifically designed as a foam, when FireAde is used in foaming generating equipment or nozzles, it will produce and maintain a foam blanket covering the fire and effectively depriving it of oxygen. The FireAde foam blanket will last longer and stand up to the effects of foul weather and heat longer then AFFF or FFFP foams.

Cooling Agent

FireAde's thermodynamics give it the ability to cool fuel and surface more than water or regular foam alone. This gives firefighters the ability to handle previously hot objects only seconds after extinguishment of the fire or application on heated materials. This is especially important in "seated" fires that are difficult to extinguish with water alone.


FireAde is effective on Class A, B, and in one demonstration extinguished a magnesium chip fire. FireAde has been tested and approved to NFPA 18 by UL. FireAde is NOT safe for use on ANY Class C hazards and other Class D fires. FireAde is non-hazardous to humans and vegetation, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive to equipment.


  • Used by many race track fire and fuel spill control crews. The standard agent at USA International Speedway.
  • Wetting agent in fire apparatus
  • Industrial fire protection crews in tank farms
  • Airport and hangar foam suppression systems
  • Bioremediation
  • 2.5 gallon fire extinguishers
  • CAFS foam equipment
  • Vapor and fume suppression operations(such as tank cleaning operations)
  • Pre-application on building materials in wildland interface fires
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