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Foresight Institute

The Foresight Nanotech Institute (formerly Foresight Institute) is a Palo Alto, California-based nonprofit organization for increasing awareness the uses and consequences of molecular nanotechnology. They sponsor conferences on the subject, publish reports, and produce a newsletter.

The Institute was founded in 1986 by K. Eric Drexler, no longer with the Institute, along with Christine Peterson, now the Vice-President of Public Policy.

Foresight Institute was founded to guide emerging technologies to improve the human condition but focused its efforts upon nanotechnology, the ability to engineer materials and products with atomic precision, and upon systems to enhance communication for policy decisions. "[1] In 2005 the Foresight Institute changed its name to "Foresight Nanotech Institute" and narrowed its mission to nanotechnology. "Foresight is accomplishing this by providing balanced, accurate and timely information to help society understand and utilize nanotechnology through public policy activities, publications, guidelines, networking events, tutorials, conferences, roadmaps and prizes."[2]

Two sister organizations were formed: the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing and the Center for Constitutional Issues in Technology

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