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Founded15 July 2001
Key peopleKlaus Schultheis, Founder / CEO

Frühstückstreff (German: breakfast meeting) is an international, multi-lingual breakfast club initiative located in over 50 cities in Europe and Australia. Founded in July 2001, the social networking site allows gentle people to meet for breakfast, share their hobbies and special interests with other members of the community. In March 2007, there were 11,600 registered members. Frühstückstreff offers a free basic membership, and there is no admission fee to attend Frühstückstreff breakfast meetings. Participating members and their friends pay only what they eat and drink at the selected restaurant or coffee shop.



  Registration on the site is free, and anyone can create an online profile. Users must have a verifiable e-mail address before they can begin to interact with other members. Member profiles typically contain an overview of hobbies and other interests, links to friends, a photo, and a personal homepage.

The Forum covers regional Frühstückstreff groups in Germany and internationally, as well as general topics of interest like sports, business, food & drink, flora & fauna, women's topics, culture & lifestyle, love & relationship, men's topics, job & career, and travel.

The calendar of events includes over 900 dedicated Frühstückstreff events per year. Many of these events are regularly scheduled Frühstückstreff meetings, i.e. every 1st Sunday of a month, which are published well in advance. In addition, there are occasional movie nights, concert visits, hiking trips, bike and canoe tours, which are arranged and accompanied by Frühstückstreff members and volunteer staff members.

Frühstückstreff is an honorary initiative run by volunteers. Since its foundation in July 2001, more than 250 honorary Frühstückstreff staff members have supported the initiative by arranging regular meetings, selecting suitable cafés, leading excursions, and acting as regional contacts for other members.

Frühstückstreff includes a locations database with over 10,000 restaurants, coffee shops, sport facilities, and tourist attractions, from which potential event locations are chosen.


  • The bestselling Web-Addressbook for Germany named Frühstückstreff one of the 6.000 most important German internet addresses 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007.

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