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Frutarom Industries Ltd.
Key peopleOri Yehudai , President and CEO
IndustryFlavors and Fragrance
ProductsFlavors and Fragrances
Revenue$ 243.8 million (2005)

Frutarom is a multinational flavor and fragrance house established in 1933 with sales of $243.8 million in 2005[1]. Operating under two main divisions – Flavors and Fine Ingredients, creates, produces and markets at fourteen locations worldwide a large variety of flavor and fragrance compounds and ingredients, as well as other specialty products, to customers in over 85 countries.

Frutarom is a subsidiary of ICC Industries Inc., a private American company. Frutarom is a public company traded on the TASE and the LSE and headed by its President & CEO Mr. Ori Yehudai.


Frutarom was established by Yehuda Araten and Maurice Gerzon, two industrialists from Holland in 1933. They chose to build their first plant in an almost desert-like area between Haifa and Acco in Israel, making Frutarom one of Israel’s earliest industrial enterprises. In 1952, Frutarom became a subsidiary of the newly established Electrochemical Industries (Frutarom) Ltd (EIF). By 1973 ICC, owned by Dr. John J. Farber, became the controlling party of EIF and Frutarom. Since the 1990s, Frutarom has aggressively expanding by establishing itself overseas beginning with the acquisition of a small US company in 1990. Frutarom now has subsidiaries in Israel, the USA, the UK, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Brazil, plus marketing offices in France, Romania, India, and Hong Kong.


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