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G. O. Guy

  G.O. Guy was a chain of small sized drugstores located in the Seattle area of the United States. The chain was founded in 1888 by George Omar Guy. In 1987 Pay 'n Save purchased all six locations and converted most of them to Pay 'n Save express stores, slightly smaller than full service stores. Pay 'n Save was bought by Thrifty PayLess which in turn was bought by Rite Aid.[1]

Shootout at Second and Yesler

Further information: John Considine (Seattle)#The shootout

The original G.O. Guy drugstore at Second and Yesler in Seattle was the site of an infamous shootout in 1901.[2][3][4]

Seattle police chief William L. Meredith had been fired for corruption as part of a feud with "box house" owner John Considine. John Considine owned the People's Theater, a "box house," offering light entertainment "such as magic acts, singing, dancing, minstrel shows," but also providing sexual services. Their feud had led to Meredith's resignation under pressure.[3][4]

Meredith, out of a job, came gunning for Considine. After Meredith got off a couple of wild shots, Considine's brother Tom Considine managed to grab a gun and use it as a club to fracture Meredith's skull; John Considine shot Meredith in the heart. The struggle lasted about 90 seconds altogether. The Considines were ultimately acquitted for the killing.[3][4][5]


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