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A screenshot of Gabedit 2.0.1
Developer A.R. ALLOUCHE
Latest release 2.0.11 / May, 2007
OS OS Portable (Source code to work with many OS platforms)
Genre Molecular modelling
License BSD License

Gabedit is a Graphical User Interface to GAMESS (US) , GAUSSIAN, MOLCAS, MOLPRO ,MPQC and Q-Chem computational chemistry packages.

Major features

  • builds molecules by atom, ring, group, amino acid and nucleoside.
  • Creates input file for GAMESS (US), GAUSSIAN, MOLCAS, MOLPRO , MPQC and Q-Chem.
  • Reads output from the ab initio packages GAMESS (US), GAUSSIAN, MOLCAS, MOLPRO , MPQC and Q-Chem, and supports a number of other formats.
  • Displays molecular orbitals or electron density as contour plots or 3D grid plots and output to a number of graphical formats.
  • Animates molecular vibrations, contours, isosurfaces and rotation.

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