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Gabriel synthesis

The Gabriel synthesis, named for the German chemist Siegmund Gabriel, is a chemical reaction that transforms primary alkyl halides into primary amines using potassium phthalimide.[1][2][3][4]

The sodium or potassium salt of the product reacts with a primary alkyl halide to form an alkyl phthalic imide. The reaction fails with secondary alkyl halides.

Upon workup by acidic hydrolysis the primary amine is liberated as the amine salt.[5] Alternatively the workup may be via the Ing-Manske procedure, involving reaction with aqueous or ethanolic hydrazine at reflux. This produces a precipitate of phthalhydrazide along with the primary amine. The first technique often produces bad yields or side products; separation of phtalhydrazide can be unpleasant. For these reasons, other methods for liberating the amine from the phthalimide exist.[6]


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