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Grace A. Dow Memorial Library

  The Grace A. Dow Memorial Library is a public library located at 1710 W St Andrews in Midland, Michigan. The library serves Midland County, and is named after the wife of Herbert Henry Dow (founder of the Dow Chemical Company), Grace A. Dow. The building is adjacent to both the Midland Center for the Arts and Dow Gardens. The library has geographical coordinates of 43.625747° N 84.248056° W.

The library traces its history back to 1899 as a private library with an annual subscription fee of one dollar. In 1915, it was placed under the control of the city of Midland. In 1953, the current building was completed in construction, and was renamed after Grace A. Dow due to her recent passing. Alden B. Dow, the son of Grace and Herbert Dow, designed and dedicated the building.

The building also is home to the studios and offices of Midland Community Television, the public access channel for Midland, which cablecasts four stations (including MPS TV) on channels 3, 5, 15 and 17 on the local Charter cable system.

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