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Grays Harbor Biodiesel Plant

Grays Harbor Biodiesel Plant is the largest biodiesel production facility in the United States, with an annual capacity of 100 million gallons per year. The facility is sited on a 12-acre parcel of land at the Port of Grays Harbor, Washington.[1]

The site includes eight main tanks, which can hold 2,000,000 gallons each, and two reserves that can each hold 500,000 gallons. The facility is "feedstock agnostic," meaning it can create biodiesel from numerous different feedstocks, even simultaneously.[1] The majority of their oil comes from canola oil grown in Canada and Washington.

In 2006, the National Biodiesel Board estimates that more than 250,000,000 gallons of biodiesel were consumed in the U.S., up from 75,000,000 in 2005.[1]


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