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Great Chrysanthemum Diamond

Great Chrysanthemum
Weight 104.15 carats (20.830 g)
Color Fancy Orange-Brown
Cut Modified Pear Brilliant
Country of origin South Africa
Mine of origin unknown
Date discovered 1963
Cut by S & M Kaufman
Original owner Julius Cohen
Current owner Garrards of London
Estimated value unknown

The Great Chrysanthemum Diamond is a diamond measuring 104.15 carats (20.830 g) with a Pear-Shaped Modified Brilliant Cut, rated in colour as Fancy Orange-Brown and I1 clarity by the Gemological Institute of America. The diamond's origins are in South Africa, where it was bought by the jeweler Julius Cohen as a 198.28 carat (39.656 g) rough in 1963. After buying it, Cohen returned to New York where he had it cut into its distinctive pear shape by S&M Kaufman. Because of its colouring similarities to the brown chyrsanthemum, it was named after that flower.

The Great Chrysanthemum has been shown in a number of diamond exhibits throughout the United States. In 1965, the Chrysanthemum was named a winner of one of the Diamonds International Awards and was placed on display in the Rand Easter Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa. Julius Cohen later sold the diamond to an unknown and reputedly foreign buyer and was purchased by Garrards of London around 2003.


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