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Green Gas

  Green Gas is the propellant typically used to drive Gas Blow Back Airsoft guns, consisting of the gas propane with silicone oil added. Some brands may advertise their product as Green Gas, or refer to it as "Ultra Green Gas", "Xtreme Green Gas" or similar, when in fact the propellant is not Green Gas/propane. Products advertised as being more powerful than Green Gas are typically Red Gas, correctly known as HCFC-22.

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Green Gas is produced by airsoft manufacturers. Players in cooler climates prefer to use Green Gas because HFC134a is often insufficient to cycle guns in cooler temperatures. Green Gas should be used with caution as it may damage guns which are not designed to handle the extra power. That means that Green gas is more powerful so you get more feet per second. Generally, guns made in Japan cannot handle Green Gas in their stock form, because of Japanese law, which prohibits the use of metal slides; the plastic slide can be replaced with an aftermarket metal one, although depending on the model, other aftermarket upgrade parts may be required.

Propane Adapter

After researching the properties of Green Gas, it was determined by Carlton Chong of Airsoft Innovations that Green Gas is propane with silicone oil added. Since Green Gas propellant is propane, some airsofters are increasing the economy of consuming the propellant by using consumer available propane canisters originally used for fuelling camping stoves, lanterns, barbecues and welding torches. To provide compatibility between the airsoft Gas Blow Back guns and the propane canister outlet, a propane canister adaptor, produced by Airsoft Innovations, must be used and silicone lubricant needs to be dropped into the tank valve every 8 to 10 magazine fills (in the case of a blowback gun). However using propane is not recommended for guns with non metal internal parts because propane adds more power and can destroy the gun. If propane is used in a full metal gun remember that propane doesn't have silicone which lubricates the gun like green gas so for blowback guns it is important that they are well lubricated.

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  • Airsoft Innovations, the manufacturer of the Propane Adapter
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