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This article is about the Gyp-Crete brand.
For information about the generic item, see Gypsum Concrete.
For information about the geological term, see gypcrust.

Gyp-Crete is a brand name of gypsum concrete and a registered trademark of Maxxon Corporation. The trademark has become a popularized term - similar to Kleenex - because of the prevalence of this product. Construction professionals and architects often use "gypcrete" to describe any type of gypsum concrete.


Gyp-Crete is a gypsum concrete floor underlayment that is used in wood-frame and concrete construction for fire-ratings, sound reduction, radiant heating, and floor leveling. Gyp-Crete is installed only by companies approved by Maxxon Corporation.


Gyp-Crete was an instant success in the construction industry in the 1980s due to the many advantages over lightweight concrete. Specifically, Gyp-Crete was not as apt to crack and cause floor failures.

Both the quality of installation and strength in terms of PSI have increased significantly since that time.

Manufacturers of similar products include Hacker Industries, Inc.'s FIRM-FILL Gypsum Concrete and United States Gypsum's Levelrock.

  • Hacker Industries, Inc.

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