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Hankook P&G

Hankook P&G (hangul:한국피앤지) is a foreign Korean chemical company. headquartered in Dogok-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul, Korea. established in 1989 by previous name is Seotong P&G (hangul:서통피앤지), company name your change sold as from Procter & Gamble in 1993. meet to Seotong and Procter & Gamble in 1989. It is manufactures many food, paper, sanitary pad, chemical, cosmetic products. and manufacture based in Cheonan and Osan. The CEO of "Hankook P&G" is Kim Sang Heon. (김상헌)



  • 1989:Established Seotong P&G, Main fund 110 Million Won, Ivory Soap Launch, Whisper Sanitary pad Launch, Pampers Baby Sanitary pad Launch (Pampers at currenty Brand in Cutie)
  • 1993:Company change your Seotong P&G from Hankook P&G, Main fund over 1,070 Million Won to Hankook P&G, Pantene Shampoo Launch
  • 1995:Vidal Sassoon Shampoo and Styling Product Launched
  • 1997:Pringles Launch, sold as SsangYong Paper
  • 1999:Febreze/Baby sanitary Cutie Launch, Whisper Green/Whisper Fresh Launch, 7 Billion Money Export tower award
  • 2000:Big award in Korea Logistics Award, Premium Cookong Soap Joy Launch
  • 2001:Shampoo Part Customer haved 1st festive company in KCSI and NCSI, Change your Korea Company System, Manpower Worked Award festive in KCSI
  • 2002:Vidal Sassoon at responced KCSI Brand Power full of 3 Year festive, The Korea from many oldies company in Joongang Ilbo festive 30th Company (7th), Korea Economy Times and L-Tech Credit Work Research festive Korea Economy Times-Levering very well 4th update
  • 2003:Korea Economy Times-Levering very well worker award, Standard Work Part Excellent award(festive by Korea Economy Times and L-Tech Credit Work Research), Men & Women credit Excellent Award of Ministry of labor, Special Award of U.S. Department of State - The clarity it as companion and local economy generations, Crest Spin Brush Electric Toothbrush Launch, Head & Shoulder Clinic System Shampoo Launch
  • 2004:Whisper Soft Light Launch, The Korea from many oldies company Life Chemical Part 1st festive in KCSI Consulting, Whisper Soft Clean Launch, Pantene Amino-Pro Vitamin Shampoo Launch


  • Pantene
  • Vidal Sassoon
  • Head & Shoulder
  • Whisper
  • Cutie (Sold as SsangYong Paper)
  • Febreze
  • Joy
  • Pringles
  • Crest
  • Ivory
  • SK II
  • Codi

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