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Hazel-Atlas Glass Company


The Hazel-Atlas Glass Company was a large producer of machine-molded glass containers headquartered in Wheeling, West Virginia. It was founded in 1902 in Washington, Pennsylvania,[1] as the merger of four companies:

  • Hazel Glass and Metals Company
  • Atlas Glass Company
  • Wheeling Metal Plant
  • Republic Glass Company


By the 1930’s, Hazel-Atlas had fifteen plants and was the largest glass manufacturer in the world.[1] It continued to make containers, glassware and tableware until the 1950s. In 1956, Hazel-Atlas, at that time the third largest producer of glass containers in the U.S., was acquired by the Continental Can Company. The acquisition was challenged under the Clayton Antitrust Act in a case that was eventually decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in United States v. Continental Can Co..


Hazel-Atlas produced dozens of different patterns, with unique names. The Hazel-Atlas mark, usually placed on the back of the product, is an "A" nestled underneath an "H".

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